Adonai Arts Academy have several locations, but our main office is at Nashville First Church of the Nazarene. Here are all the names of our administrators, and reasons you may need to contact them.


JoAnn Pitzer

Executive Director

JoAnn can answer any questions you have about Adonai Arts Academy in general, our art program, scholarships, or any other big-picture questions.


Bailee Teter

Dance Director

Bailee can answer any questions you have about dance classes, dance instructors, different locations, or any other dance questions.


T. Josiah Haynes

Music Director

T.J. can answer any questions you have about private music lessons, group music classes, music instructors, or any other music questions.

Tina Diehl Adonai Arts Academy

Tina Diehl

Administrative Assistant

Tina can answer any questions you have about our database, your account, or general info.


Main Offices

510 Woodland Street
c/o Adonai Arts Academy
Nashville, TN 37206

(park in the Russell Street parking lot)

(615) 255-1289 ext. 111


Contact Form

If you feel more comfortable sending a more general message, we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

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